Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan has blamed tha paparazzi for the first of the DUI charges in the summer of 2007.

The Mean Girls star was first arrested for drink-driving in May 2007 and immediately checked into rehab afterwards. However just weeks after her release, she was arrested again after getting into a chase with her former assistant. She entered rehab again and was sentenced to jail time, serving 84 minutes in a Los Angeles county prison.

While she admits to being “sort of a speed demon [because] it’s exhilarating”, she told Interview magazine recently that she wasn’t entirely to blame for the first incident: “My car accident that I got into, where I got my first charge, I wouldn’t have been speeding up like I was if I didn’t have people shoving cameras in my windows. I was running away from the paparazzi.

“Especially late at night, when you’re trying to turn a corner, and then somebody else is speeding up alongside you. So, you know, it’s okay for someone to chase me and then try to cut me off so I ram my car into a tree… I mean, I know this guy was trying to do his job, but his ‘job’ almost landed me half-dead.

“Not only that, but they all stand to make a lot more money at it if they’ve got pictures of you in a car crashed into a tree.

“They’re instigating and antagonising you. All of them aren’t bad. But I will tell you that I had one of these guys drive into the side of my car once. That’s how I met my criminal defence attorney.”