britney spearsBritney Spears’s former advisor/manager Sam Lutfi is suing her and her parents for defamation.

Lutfi has been banned from going near or contacting Britney, or any members of her family, for the last year since her dad Jamie Spears was appointed her conservator - but last week Jamie sought a new ban against Lutfi and Britney’s ex-boyfling Adnan Ghalib, claiming they were working together to disrupt Britney’s recovery.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday, Sam has claimed that the new order is the latest in a long line of times Jamie and Britney’s mum Lynne Spears have defamed him publicly.

Court documents claim that when Sam and Britney were inseparable in 2007: “Jamie and Lynne launched a campaign of lies and intimidation designed to destroy Lutfi and drive him out of Britney’s life.

“This campaign also provided Jamie with the opportunity he needed to obtain an appointment as Britney’s conservator.

“Despite seemingly accomplishing their objectives, Jamie and Lynne have nevertheless continued their smear campaign against Lutfi. Thus, having no other alternative, Lutfi brings this action to defend himself against Jamie’s and Lynne’s persistent attacks.”

Lutfi is also suing for battery - claiming Jamie “intentionally punched him in the chest” at Britney’s home in January last year - and breach of contract, as he says he had an oral agreement (later confirmed by text message) with Britney to be her manager, earning 15 percent of her income for four years.

Lawyers for Lynne and Jamie Spears have yet to comment on the suit.