Drew Barrymore’s tongue piercingDrew Barrymore has revealed she lost weight after having her tongue pierced last year.

The He’s Just Not That Into You star explained: “They do it and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, why would I ever think twice about not doing this; this didn’t hurt at all.’

“And then the guy was like, ‘What I didn’t tell you is that for, like, two weeks, it’s just going to be a little uncomfortable.

“I couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink for two weeks - great diet in a weird way.”

She added that she’s worried it might be a man-repellent though: “I got it and then I’ve been single ever since… [But] I did it for myself. I always wanted to get one.”

Fametastic says: Drew’s right, the piercing itself doesn’t hurt much but within a few hours, the tongue swells up and it’s hard to eat for a week or so. You also get a “pie crust tongue” thing going on too - the tongue is so swollen it pushes against your teeth while you’re asleep and when you wake up it’s crimped down the sides. Very sexy. After that a week or so it calms down though then they’re lots of fun :)