jade goodyJade Goody has married on-off boyfriend of two years Jack Tweed in a ceremony in Hertfordshire.

The couple exchanged their vows at Down Hall Country House Hotel this afternoon in front of 150 guests - and the cameras for her reality TV show for Living TV and her £800,000 deal with OK magazine.

Crowds of photographers and well-wishers gathered at the entrance to the hotel today and before the ceremony, her publicist Max Clifford told reporters that after she arrived at the hotel by helicopter last night, Jade had a “bad evening”: “She was excited. She has been overdoing it. She needed quite a bit of medical help [but then had] a good night’s rest.”

Jade, who has been told by doctors that she has less than two months to live, was adamant that she would walk down the aisle without any assistance and reportedly refused to wear a veil or a wig, instead proudly displaying how her head has been left bald as a result of chemotherapy.

Ahead of today’s ceremony, the couple held a brief wedding rehearsal yesterday and Jade had a “mini-hen night” with friends at her Essex home on Friday night.

A source at the party told the Sunday Mirror: “She had a great time with the girls on Friday night. She was given a real pampering during the afternoon. They all got their nails done and had facials.

“There was lots of laughter, talking about old times. There was also lots of hugs and support for Jade.

“A few of the girls let their hair down and had one or two drinks and got quite tipsy - at Jade’s insistence. But Jade was purely on the Lucozade to keep her energy up.”

Jack had his own stag night last night - and continued with the fun this morning as he and his friends left his mum’s house to head over to the wedding venue wearing just women’s underwear.

For the ceremony though, Jack and his groomsmen are said to have worn blue Armani suits while Jade wore a £3500 cream silk gown wedding dress, a gift from Harrods owner Mohammed Fayed.

Today’s wedding reception is said to have included the couple releasing a flock of doves to symbolise their love and as nightfalls, there will be fireworks and a performance by the Sugababes.

The wedding party and their guests will enjoy a three course meal, washed down with pink champagne, before tucking into a special wedding cake made up of pink cupcakes and a giant macaroon.

Max Clifford explained that the cake substitution was Jade’s idea: “She also has a wonderful cake. The mixture of all the contents she loves.”

Jack will also be able to stay for the entire reception after his 7pm-7am curfew was lifted for his special day. The curfew, which sees him restricted to his mum’s house during those hours, is a condition of his early release from jail and his request to have it waived for today was initially turned down by the governor of his prison in Norfolk - but was later granted by Secretary for Justice Jack Straw.

Straw said: “It is crucial that offenders are treated equally within the rules, regardless of the publicity surrounding their case. But I was satisfied that it was reasonable to allow this.”

Jade and Jack are said to have earned around £800,000 from a magazine deal for coverage of the wedding and an additional £200,000 for footage shot for her final Living TV programme. The money is expected to be placed in a trust fund for the ongoing care of her two sons, Bobby and Freddie.