Emma BuntonEmma Bunton has said she’s keen to leave her cute Baby Spice image behind her now she’s got a baby of her own.

The Spice Girls star gave birth to son Beau in August 2007 but almost immediately afterwards had to become Baby Spice again for the girl group’s reunion tour.

Now though, she’s told the News of the World: “I’m over being the nice Spice, little hippy chick.

“After having a baby, I’m a much stronger, more confident woman and I love wearing clothes to reflect that.”

She also much prefers her neat bob haircut compared to her previous long locks: “When I cut my hair off, I felt completely liberated.

“The Spice Girls tour had finished and it was a new chapter in my life. I’m a working mum in her 30s and my new style summed up the change I felt on the inside.

“Turning 30 was a huge deal for me and having Beau is the most important thing I’ve ever done. I feel great right now and I think when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside.”