Jack TweedJade Goody’s new husband Jack Tweed and ex-boyfriend Jeff Brazier have reportedly struck a deal to allow Jack to continue to have access to Jade and Jeff’s sons.

Jeff will be given full custody of the boys - five year old Bobby and four year old Freddie - after Jade dies but was previously said to be reluctant to let Jack have continued access to the boys because he felt Jack wouldn’t be a good role model for them in light of his recent assault convictions.

However, Jade made clear that she wanted 21 year old Jack to continue to spend time with the boys, saying: “I do want Jack to continue seeing them as they have grown close. But Jeff will have full custody.

“We have all agreed it’s best for the boys. I’m sure Jeff will be a great full-time dad, and my mum, Jack’s mum and Jack will all be doing everything to make the boys’ lives as happy as possible.”

Now her publicist Max Clifford has said that the men have reached an agreement about access: “Jeff has been a good dad and knows that Jack can be a great dad too.

“Hopefully between the two of them and Jeff and Jade’s families, the [boys] are going to be very well loved and looked after.”