jade goodyJade Goody’s husband Jack Tweed’s curfew has been suspended to allow him to stay with dying Jade around the clock.

As a condition of his early parole from jail in January, Jack agreed to a curfew restricting him to his mum’s house between the hours of 7pm-7am every day. Last week, Jack’s curfew was relaxed in light of Jade’s condition to allow him to spend Thursday and Saturday nights at her house but with the reality TV star likely to die “at any time now”, probation officials are said to have amended his parole conditions again to allow him to stay with Jade around the clock.

A source told the Mirror: “Jade takes huge reassurance from Jack’s presence and wants him with her all the time.

“She is in a deep sleep most of the time, but when she does come round, she is very disorientated and gets upset and tearful.

“Jack talks to her softly, holds her hand and strokes her hair. He is the only one who can calm her.”

The source added that Jade is surrounded by photos of her friends and family who can not be with her in her final hours: “Jade is in a deep sleep 98 per cent of the time. But when she does open her eyes it is a source of great comfort to see the smiling faces of her mum, grandparents, sons and closest pals all around her.

“She knows she is too ill for them all to be with her now, but just seeing their faces gives her a smile. And she likes the idea that when she closes her eyes for the final time, they will be the last thing she sees.”

Jade was previously expected to live until around the end of the month but a turn for the worst at the weekend made doctors reassess their estimate and she is now expected to die sometime this week.