kerry katonaKerry Katona’s husband Mark Croft has said that contrary to previous reports, he was supporting her financially, not vice versa.

Kerry is said to have kicked husband of two years Mark out of their family home in Wilmslow, Cheshire last week after a row about money. She then almost instantly began a financial audit to investigate how she has got through around £3million during their short marriage.

But now Mark, a former taxi driver, has said that in fact he had been supporting her and he was the one who instigated the split: “I walked out on Kez because I’d had enough of her mood swings and stuff.

“Kerry never threw me out. I was the one who asked for the divorce and I said I would be the one to start it. Then Kerry went outside and [told reporters] there are divorce proceedings and that she’s instructed a lawyer.

“I’ve not ripped Kerry off. There has been no money in no secret bank accounts or anything like that. She’s had a lot of people telling her one thing and another and I haven’t screwed her over once.

“I walked away in debt. We have been living off the overdraft on my bank cards.”

But he admits he has let her buy him expensive gifts, particular luxury sports cars, over the course of their relationship: “If anyone was in my position and your wife said, ‘Do you want a Ferrari?’ what am I going to do?”

The couple reconciled at the weekend after just days apart - which Mark says was Kerry’s idea: “On Sunday she phoned and said, ‘Can you please come back? We need to sort this out. I don’t want a divorce’.”

Yesterday Kerry asked her forensic accountant to cease his investigations, saying she had been advised against it as it would potentially hinder her efforts to escape bankruptcy. Kerry was declared bankrupt last year after failing to pay an £82,000 tax bill but she insisted it was only a temporary arrangement due to cashflow issues.

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