madonnaMadonna’s lawyer has said he can’t see there being any problems with Madonna’s proposed adoption.

The singer is hoping a court hearing in Malawi tomorrow will allow her to proceed with her adoption of four year old Mercy James. She arrived in the country on Sunday with her three existing children - daughter Lourdes, and sons Rocco & David - and has spent time with the four year old as well as visiting David’s biological father too.

Her lawyer Alan Chinula has said that despite a renewal of the controversy that surrounded her adoption of David in 2006, he is confident the adoption will go ahead: “I don’t see any law in Malawi that can stop this adoption.”

He added that Mercy’s surviving uncle “has already signed off the consent forms, and Madonna counter-signed them. She just has to wait to hear from me when I get the result.”

Other members of Mercy’s family have objected to the adoption and children’s & human rights campaigners in the country have called Madonna a “bully” for using her wealth and fame to bypass standard adoption procedures.