Cheryl ColeSimon Cowell has reportedly urged Cheryl Cole to have elocution lessons before she launches herself in the US.

The Girls Aloud star has become a pet project for music mogul Simon after she was so warmly received on The X Factor last year - and he is keen to help her find success as a star across the Atlantic too.

But a source told the Daily Mail: “Simon is a realist and he knows one or two things need to change.

“He sees her strong Geordie accent as the key problem. It makes him laugh but he knows American audiences simply won’t understand a word she says.”

Cheryl, who won her place in the girl group on Popstars: The Rivals, is said to be ready to give her all to the Stateside plans - because she doesn’t want to have a child with husband Ashley Cole until she’s 100% sure their marriage is back on track.

Cheryl was said to have been desperate for a baby with footballer Ashley - but changed her mind after he had a drunken one night stand at the start of last year.

A source close to the couple added: “She has had to reconsider the whole baby plan now. She feels the time is just not right.

“It is really hard for her because she wants a family more than anything in the world, but she is a clever girl and won’t bring a baby into this world until both her and Ash are ready. He has a lot of proving to do before then.”