guy ritchie and madonnaMadonna has reportedly found an unexpected source of comfort following the failure of her Malawi adoption bid - ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

Guy, who is the father of Madonna’s two sons Rocco and David, was quick to jump to the singer’s defence by releasing a public statement after she was turned down in her bid to adopt four year old Mercy James from the country, and now he is said to be helping her through the difficult time at a personal level too.

Rocco and David are currently staying with Guy at his country estate in Wiltshire and a source told the Sun that there have been frequent phone calls between there and their formal family home in London, where Madonna is staying with daughter Lourdes for Passover.

The source explained: “Civil conversations between them have been few and far between in the past year. But over the last week things have improved.

“[The other day Madonna] called to see if [the boys] were OK, as she always does when she is away from the kids. Rocco was speaking to her and suddenly turned to Guy and said, ‘Daddy, Daddy. Mummy is crying’. He then handed Guy the phone.

“It’s unusual for her to turn on the waterworks but this has really upset her. Explaining to Rocco why Mercy wasn’t coming home has been difficult.

“Guy was incredibly sympathetic, calmed her down and told her to be happy with the family she had.”

The couple formally separated last October, just shy of their eighth wedding anniversary. Court papers cited Guy’s “unreasonable behaviour” as the reason for the split.