madonnaMadonna got photographers she was feeling “better” yesterday after her horseriding accident on Saturday.

The star was briefly hospitalised for minor injuries after the accident in the Hamptons, New York on Saturday afternoon. She was riding on friend, photographer Steven Klein’s farm when, according to her publicist, the horse was spooked by a paparazzo taking photographs.

But the paparazzo in question Thomas Hinton claims he was nowhere near Madonna when the accident happened - he had taken photos of her earlier in the ride but then left, only returning after someone told him an ambulance had been sent for the star.

He told reporters: “I arrived more than 10 minutes after she fell, and I was shooting from the street. I don’t know what [the publicist] is talking about.

“If a photographer startled a horse, I’m thinking we would have seen the pictures by now.”

After her brief hospital visit, Madonna is said to have spent Saturday night recuperating at friend Gwyneth Paltrow’s nearby estate before visiting the beach at Amagansett yesterday.

Before allowing gathered photographers to take her pictures, she is said to have asked them: “Are you the guys that spooked my horse?”

She then said she’d felt “better” than she had done the previous day. She is said to have suffered bruising and minor cuts in the fall.