Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker has revealed that, like all mums-to-be, she’s getting nervous at the prospect of new babies.

On Tuesday, the Sex and the City star and husband Matthew Broderick announced they were expecting twin girls via a surrogate later this summer, and SJP told the New York Daily News that she knows twins will be a handful - especially as she’s currently filming What About the Morgans and is set to start work on the second Sex and the City movie this summer.

She explained: “It’s been a complicated past few weeks. My main concern is that my husband and [six year old son James Wilkie] have enough time.

“Any complications or any anxiety I feel is normal. Any mother who wants to continue to work and have a career outside the home goes through this, so I feel very much a part of the sisterhood.

“Hopefully, our son will feel loved and taken care of. I can’t really complain because it’s my choice to work, but that doesn’t mean I don’t spend a better part of the day worrying about whether my family is getting enough [time] from me.”