Peter Andre is reportedly worried that his estranged wife Katie Price will prevent him from seeing their children to get back at him for leaving her.

The glamour model, also known as Jordan, is said to have reacted angrily when Peter told her he wanted a divorce last week even though she admits she is to blame for many of the problems in their relationship and fled to the Maldives with their youngest children, son Junior and daughter Princess, leaving oldest child Harvey, her son from a previous relationship, at home in Surrey. Katie is then said to have become enraged again when Peter flew to be with his family in Cyprus, leaving Harvey with a carer and Katie’s mum.

But a source close to Peter has revealed that he wanted to take the nearly seven year old boy to Cyprus with him, once he finished at school for the week: “He asked to fly Harvey out to Cyprus with him and had flights provisionally booked.

“First, he was told Harvey wasn’t allowed any more days off from his special school. But, even when Pete suggested flying him over to Cyprus this weekend, the answer was still ‘No’.

“Kate told him she wanted Harvey to be with her mother and not him. He is absolutely gutted. The pair had several furious phone calls and some pretty hostile things were said.

“For the past five years, Pete has brought Harvey up as his own flesh and blood. He loves the boy as much as he does his own biological children and the fact Kate has Junior and Princess with her at the moment is killing him.

“Peter has happily and willingly paid for half of all of Harvey’s medical bills and, even now, despite everything, he wants to contribute. Frankly, all Pete is thinking of now are the kids. He is speaking to them every single day on the phone and online but it’s not enough.

“Peter really feels as though he has been banned from seeing his own children.”

Another friend told the Mirror: “He will not be emotionally blackmailed into going back to Katie.

“He wants to see the children but he won’t go crawling back. He has drawn the line in the sand and he hopes Katie will see sense.”

But there is one way Peter will be able to see his children - Katie has reportedly been trying to sell photos of herself on holiday with her children to newspapers.

An initial set of photos sold for £40,000 and another set, showing Katie on a sunlounger with Junior and Princess, is reportedly for sale at a non-negotiable £150,000 even though both Katie and Peter requested privacy in their separation statement.

A source told the Mirror: “While most women would be quietly licking their wounds Katie sees it as another money-making publicity opportunity.

“She knows the support of the public is essential to the success of the Katie Price brand. She is monitoring the media in minute detail and every time she feels Peter Andre is eliciting too much sympathy, she hits back.”