Katie Price and Peter Andre are reportedly both set to return to the UK this week to have final crisis talks about their marriage.

The couple’s separation was announced a week ago and immediately afterwards, Katie made it clear that it was not her decision to split up. She quickly fled the country with her youngest children Junior and Princess, spending the last week in a luxury villa in the Maldives while Peter flew to be with his family in Cyprus on Tuesday.

After numerous phone calls and texts over the last few days, the pair are now said to have agreed to meet at a “neutral location” near their family home in Surrey, to discuss the state of their relationship and custody arrangements for Junior, Princess and Katie’s son from a previous relationship, Harvey. Katie offered to fly to Cyprus for the meeting but Peter said he’d prefer to see her in London on Thursday evening.

A source close to Peter told the Mirror that Peter told Katie he’s only “doing this for the sake of our kids - not you”: “[He said] when we do meet, it’s purely for the children.

“I miss them desperately - they’re my main priority.”

Katie, also known as glamour model Jordan, is said to have refused to let nearly seven year old son Harvey fly out to Cyprus to be with Pete over the weekend, even though the boy considers him to be his dad. Instead, Harvey, who is partially blind and suffers from a growth disorder, has been left in the the UK with a carer and Katie’s mum. Meanwhile in the Maldives, Katie has posed for photographs with her other children and reportedly tried to sell them to magazines for a non-negotiable £150,000.

Peter is said to be livid at Katie’s refusal over Harvey and about the new pictures. He’s quoted as telling a friend: “It’s a disgrace.

“I’m never going to pose for pictures the way Kate has - not for any money in the world. It’s wrong and I don’t know what she’s playing at.”

He added that he won’t be giving any paid-for interviews for the time being: “I am in pieces. The split is all too raw still and it’s far too painful for me to even consider talking about.”