Justin Long is reportedly planning to move in with on-off girlfriend Drew Barrymore when she finds her next home.

The couple dated for around a year before splitting last summer but were romantically linked again earlier this year and were spotted looking at homes together recently.

A source close to the pair explained: “Drew wants to live with Justin in a sort of trial marriage, so that’s why she’s looking for a new home.

“They are together, but they want everyone to think they’re just friends now. They’re so close, Drew even wears his clothes out during the day.”

Justin previously lived with fellow Hollywood upcomer Jonah Hill but revealed recently that he had to move out before things got too weird: “We’re still great friends but it got to be like an old married couple.

“We fought over recycling. He would recycle everything. I would find banana peels and shards of glass in the recycling bin.

“We started getting in little fights like that, he left the bathroom door open, didn’t clean up after himself. Little things like that. It was time for a separation.”