Katie Price made her first public appearance yesterday since her separation from Peter Andre was announced three weeks ago.

The glamour model also known as Jordan initially fled to the Maldives when the news was announced earlier this month and since returning to the UK last week, he has been concentrating on caring for the couple’s three children. But yesterday, she stepped out for a catwalk show at the Clothes Show London event.

Katie wore several outrageous outfits for the show but also debuted new items in her more practical range for horseriders, KP Equestrian. (Photos of her entrance and catwalk posing are below.)

While some of Katie’s friends were keen to see the star back in business after her heartbreak, the event caused anxiety for others.

One friend told the Sunday Mirror: “Despite what people see while Katie is out, behind closed doors it is very different. She thinks she’s been portrayed as the bad guy in her split from Pete and the pressure of this enormous backlash has really taken its toll.

“She’s barely eating and reckons she’s lost around 12lb in a relatively short space of time. For someone of her slight build, is very noticeable.

“The stress of an impending divorce has given her sleepless nights and she has several work commitments to fulfil.

“Katie doesn’t know who she can trust and feels she is public enemy number one. Behind the public bravado, she’s in bits - both physically and mentally.”

(Photos by: Splash News; Anne-Marie Michel/LE/Splash)