Jack Tweed has visited his late wife Jade Goody’s grave twice since being released from prison on Thursday.

Jack was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail the week after Jade’s funeral at the start of April. He was released this week after serving half the sentence, which he received after being found guilty of assaulting a taxi driver.

The 21 year old was spotted visiting the memorial on Friday and again yesterday, with a camera crew accompanying him, filming for an MTV documentary about the aftermath of reality star Jade’s death.

Jack’s mum Mary told reporters: “I go to bed thinking of Jade and wake up thinking of her, so I can’t begin to think what goes through his mind.

“It’s hard for him. He is still grieving badly. He needs time alone really, but I don’t think he is going to get it.”

Yesterday Jack was spotted shopping for presents for Jade’s sons Bobby and Freddie at a nearby Toys R Us. He told the Sunday Mirror: “The thought of seeing the boys kept me going while I was inside. I can’t wait to see them. I’m so glad to be out.”

He is expected to see the boys for the first time in nearly six weeks today - ahead of a ‘welcome home’ party called ‘Jack Tweed’s Relaunch Party’ at a local nightclub organised by his friends.

Jade’s publicist Max Clifford has said he’s worried about Jack’s return to the Essex party circuit: “I am worried about him becoming a target for any young girl who wants to become famous.

“Jade asked me before she died to keep an eye on Jack. He has promised me that he will avoid trouble. I am hoping he keeps to that.”