Natasha Richardson set aside money for her half-sister, a costume designer and a member of staff in her will, according to new legal papers.

The actress died in March after a seemingly minor ski accident while holidaying in Quebec. She was initially fine after bumping her head in a fall and walked back to her hotel room unaided, but then felt unwell and was rushed to hospital. She was transferred to a better equipped hospital in the area before being transported to a New York hospital, where she died on 18th March surrounded by her family members.

Legal papers related to her estate have now been released showing that she left the bulk of her assets to her husband Liam Neeson and their two sons, Micheál & Daniel but also left $200,000 to her half-sister Katharine Grimond Hess, $50,000 to Josephine Burke, a London-based employee, $20,000 to one of her aunts and $10,000 to a TV costume maker Kevin Mark Harris.

The will was written in 2005 and named Liam and their close friend actor Aidan Quinn as executors of the estate.

Natasha was buried alongside her grandmother Rachel in a cemetery Millbrook, New York.