Brad Pitt has reportedly picked up a quick-fix hygiene from looking after his growing family.

Brad’s Inglourious Basterds co-star Eli Roth revealed the dad of six had a great tip when Eli didn’t have time to shower on the set of the WW2 film: “[He said] ‘baby wipes, man. A couple of quick wipes under the pits.’

“It was the greatest tip.”

In related news, Brad reportedly bought daughter Shiloh a $15,000 necklace for her third birthday last week.

Us Weekly claims the actor bought her a diamond and platinum chain from celebrity jeweller Neil Lane - and got her mum Angelina Jolie - who turns 33 today - a present too.

A source explained: “He got her a charm bracelet decorated with little gold and diamond jet planes. She was over the moon.”