Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly adamant to get their strained relationship back on track - and may even be getting married this summer.

Earlier this week, the couple denied rumours that their relationship was in trouble but a source told the Mail on Sunday that they’ve been living separate lives for the last four months while Angelina has been filming new thriller Salt.

Exhausted Angelina was rumoured to be staying in an apartment in central New York while filming the movie in the city, while Brad had at their rented estate on Long Island with the couple’s six children - but a source told the News of the World that even when Angelina stays at the estate, the two don’t sleep together: “They would often sleep as far away from each other as possible, not even in separate bedrooms but in separate houses.

“Angelina spent most of her time in one of the annexes while Brad lived in the main house with its ten bedrooms.

“With all the kids and their work commitments, they both have a lot on their plate and it’s a bit like a pressure cooker. There have been several explosions.”

With Salt close to wrapping and Brad set to start work on Moneyball in California in the next few weeks, Angelina and their six children are expected to fly to Los Angeles later this month to rebuild their relationship: “The plan is for Angie to go back to LA, spend some time with Brad and then travel to the South of France at the end of July.

“That way Brad can focus on his work and she can spend some time with the children.”

Then, according to the Sunday Mirror, they’ll head back to their home in New Orleans and marry.

A source told the newspaper: “Usually it’s Brad who wants to talk marriage. But this time it was Angie.

“An aide sent them all the press clippings about their ‘relationship problems’ and Angelina said it was probably best if they married to put an end to the stories. Brad’s face lit up - he was thrilled.”

Brad, who was previously married in Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina, who was married to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, had previously said they wouldn’t marry until everyone in the US was legally allowed to marry.