Jack Tweed has said he’s not looking for a new girlfriend just yet.

The 22 year old has been spotted out partying several times since being released from prison last month and his late wife Jade Goody’s former publicist Max Clifford expressed concern that Jack would be “a target for any young girl who wants to become famous.”

But Jack is quoted as saying he’s not interested in looking for anyone new just yet: “Jade said she’d want me to find someone, but it’s not something that’s crossed my mind.

“[I] leave my window open for Jade to come to see me every night.”

Jack and Jade married at the end of February after her cervical cancer was deemed terminal. She died on 22nd March.

Jack was sentenced to jail time in April after being found guilty of assaulting a taxi driver. He served six weeks of the sentence before being released early for good behaviour.