Hugh Hefner wants Kendra Wilkinson’s baby to move into the Playboy mansion.

The 83-year-old magazine mogul - who split with the blonde beauty last year - is looking forward to the arrival of upcoming actress Kendra and fiance Hank Baskett’s first child and says the tot will always be welcome at the infamous house.

He said: “Kendra is going to be a good mommy, she’s growing up and Hank is going to be a very good influence on her.

“I’m sure the baby will end up at the mansion. We do have lots of little bunnies. We have a lot of friends and second generation Playmates, so there are a lot of kids around the mansion these days.”

American football star Hank has also confirmed Hugh will help raise their child.

Hank said: “Hef will definitely be involved with the baby. Hef is a great man, and I know there is more to his and Kendra’s relationship than people see and actually know. I see it every time they’re together.”

Hank says the couple have yet to learn the sex of their baby, but he is hoping for a son.

He said: “I want a boy. Someone to look out for the baby girl coming next.”