Robbie Williams and his girlfriend dress up as rabbits at home.

The British singer - who dons a bunny costume for the promotional video for his new single ‘You Know Me’ - claims lover Ayda Field insisted he kept the outfit and even bought a matching one for herself to wear in their home.

He confessed: “I’ve kept the rabbit costume, and she’s got a girl’s rabbit costume.”

Ayda loves dressing up so much, she has even bought ballet dancer outfits for their pet dogs and plans to show them off in the coming months.

Robbie added: “We just had all the dogs fitted with tutus. It’s not me, it’s her but I’ve been dragged along and have no say in the matter. I think we’ll do a Christmas Card or something. Don’t pretend it’s normal, it’s mental. I had nothing to do with it!”

The ‘Bodies’ hitmaker dotes on his pet pooches and even dedicated a song he was performing to his puppy Poopette, admitting he often sings to the hound at home.

Explaining why he was doing a version of The Killers’ hit ‘Human’, he told BBC Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton: “It’s my favourite song of this year. It’s a song that I actually sing to our little Maltipoo, Poopette, while she’s in my arms and I give her a nice little tickle.

“I change some of the lyrics to a dog style, I’m going to do that today as an ode to Poopette. If she can put her little doggy ear to a speaker I’ll sing the first chorus to her.”

Robbie then went on to perform the track, changing the chorus line to: “You’re on your back being tickled by a dancer, daddy don’t suffer with pet dander.”