Robbie Williams once threw all of his mother’s money out of the window.

The ‘You Know Me’ singer said that he once, as a toddler, threw the entire takings of his mother’s florist shop away, unfairly earning him a reputation as a troublemaker.

He said: “When I was three I had all the florist’s takings. About two thousand pounds, and I threw them out of the window.

“And it was a match day, we lived near the Port Vale soccer ground, so there were loads of people about and it was gone.”

Despite getting into trouble, the singer refused to learn his lesson and later incurred his mother’s wrath once again when he threw her underwear away.

He added: “A few weeks later I took all the bras and pants, the underwear of her and her sisters and I threw it all out of the window again.”

The ‘Bodies’ hitmaker, 35, also said his mother Janet was always stricter than she needed to be as he grew up, but that he admires her for taking on the responsibilities of both parents to him and his sister Sally after Robbie’s father, Peter, left when he was three.

Robbie added: “My mum was a mother and a dad really. And she was very strict, but she didn’t have to be strict that often because I was really a very good boy.”