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Ballerina Kate Moss

Kate Moss is set to become a ballerina.

The supermodel is working on a piece with legendary ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov for a short film by renowned choreographer and director Michael Clark.

The 36-year-old beauty - who famously pole danced in a music video for The White Stripes and is renowned for her partying lifestyle - has been taking private lessons with Michael and will undertake an intense three-month training regime before filming begins in July.

A source is quoted by the MailOnline website as saying: “Kate has to be fit, healthy and looking good, so her late nights and heavy partying have to be reduced. I know that she is very happy to do that and has talked about wanting to get fit and healthy herself. It will be a movie made for them so she doesn’t have to be a prima ballerina, even though she is having classes.”

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Peter Andre’s wild fling

Peter Andre has broken his sex ban.

The ‘Behind Closed Doors’ singer ended his self-imposed vow of celibacy - which he undertook following his split from ex-wife Katie Price last May - by embarking on a raunchy fling with blonde glamour girl Maddy Ford.

Maddy, 30, says she was wooed by Peter after meeting him at a party just eight days after his divorce from Katie - also known as Jordan - was finalised last October.

Talking about their fling, Maddy told the News of the World: “Pete blew me away in bed. Every second I was with him, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

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Gemma Arterton’s Rachel admiration

Gemma Arterton wants to be Rachel Weisz.

Despite a glittering film career of her own, the 24-year-old actress is in awe of her fellow British beauty and would love to be able to balance a film career and family life like her.

She said: “I’d really like the type of career Rachel Weisz has. I have a lot of respect for her, brilliant, talented, intelligent, a witty sort of woman. You know, she’ll do a rom-com - not that I ever want to do a rom-com - but then she’ll go off and do ‘The Constant Gardener’, have a family and live quite a normal life, it seems. I respect that.”

Although she loves her job, Gemma is desperate to maintain a certain level of normality in her life and finds being a famous actress quite “daunting”.

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Simon Cowell’s Cheryl advice

Simon Cowell has warned Cheryl Cole not to take back estranged husband Ashley.

The music mogul - who became close to Cheryl after working alongside each other on the past two series of UK TV show ‘The X Factor’ - wants the ‘Parachute’ singer to stay strong and start a life on her own, following allegations her soccer star spouse cheated on her with five women.

A source told the Sunday Mirror: “Simon is very protective of Cheryl. He has told her he is on the end of the phone whenever she needs to speak, day or night, and it is Simon who is backing Cheryl’s decision to leave Ashley all the way. She had been wobbling over her decision but stuck to her guns when Simon told her, ‘You need to get out of this situation. You need to think of yourself.’ ”

Meanwhile, it has been claimed Cheryl has told Ashley she aims to keep their nine-bedroom mansion and wants his belongings out of it.

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Colin Farrell has no regrets

Colin Farrell doesn’t regret his wild child days.

The Irish actor, who claims to have not touched drugs for three years and alcohol for nearly two, insists his life is not a “sad story” and has many great memories.

He said: “The ins and outs of what I’ve been through, even when it comes to rehab, is not a sad story.

“None of it is a sad story. I had a great time and some amazing memories and lots of good stuff that I’ve forgotten.”

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Zac Efron’s pool shock

Zac Efron woke up to a flooded house after his swimming pool overflowed.

The ‘High School Musical‘ star - who recently splashed out $1 million on a “modest” Hollywood apartment - found his lavish home was ankle-high in water after a night of torrential rain flooded his infinity pool.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: “Zac called his pool guy, who arrived with a pump and started directing water away from the property.”

The 22-year-old actor had to call up a group of his closest friends, who came over and helped him repair the damage and clear up the mess.

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