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Heather Mills accused of ‘humiliating’ nanny

Heather Mills‘ ex-nanny claims she was forced out of her job after the ex-model made her life a misery.

At an employment tribunal that took place yesterday (29.03.10) in Ashford, Kent, Sara Trumble said Heather treated her in a “humiliating and demeaning” way and has a “distrustable and unpleasant” side.

Sara, 26, finally quit the £6.50-an-hour job as nanny to Heather’s daughter Beatrice - her child with ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney - after she was replaced and given cleaning duties.

She is suing her former employer for constructive dismissal and sexual discrimination, saying she had no choice but to resign after Heather got angry with her on several occasions while she was enduring a difficult pregnancy and made her go on trips abroad despite her condition.

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Courtney Love dating new Thur-man

Courtney Love is dating Uma Thurman’s ex-fiance.

The Hole singer - widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain - began romancing hotelier Andre Balazs earlier this year and is completely smitten with the handsome businessman and insists the feeling is mutual.

She wrote in an email to a friend: “I’m in lurve. It’s nice. Scary. I’m a great catch and he can be a bad boy but he loves me. He is the sweetest thing and he actually totally does respect me. His manners are impeccable but he is funny too (sic).”

Courtney - who has repeatedly claimed to have been defrauded of her wealth by various people - has been staying in a suite at the Mercer Hotel in New York, which her new beau owns, but now says she is spoilt for choice over places where she can stay.

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Ricky Martin is a ”fortunate homosexual man”

Ricky Martin has revealed he is gay.

The 38-year-old singer has previously alluded to being bisexual, but finally revealed on his website yesterday (29.03.10) he is gay, saying he is “proud” of who he is.

Writing on his official site,, he said: “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.”

Ricky also revealed the birth of his twin boys Matteo and Valentino in August 2008 - who he had through a surrogate - convinced him to admit his sexuality.

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Simon Cowell to buy Mezhgan Jaguar

Simon Cowell is set to buy fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy a £65,000 car.

The music mogul - who is expected to marry make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy in early September - reportedly spent an hour looking at a luxury 1954 Jaguar XK convertible at a showroom in Los Angeles recently, and is thought to be buying the classic car for her 37th birthday.

A source said: “Money is clearly no object but he’s considering buying her something that little bit special. He’s obviously a big fan of cars but she is too.”

The ‘X Factor’ judge - who is known for being vain - has already been splashing the cash on Mezhgan, as he recently bought her a joke his-and-hers diamond encrusted mirror for £7,000.

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Alex Reid comfortable with slip

Alex Reid doesn’t mind his wife calling him by her ex-husband’s name.

The cage fighter insists he is still comfortable in his relationship with Katie Price, despite her accidentally calling him Pete - the name of her former spouse Peter Andre - in a recent UK TV interview.

Alex said: “When Katie said, ‘Me and Pete’ on ‘This Morning’, I didn’t have a problem with it at all. Slip-ups happen. I’ve called ex-girlfriends the wrong name before, or I’ve called Katie my girlfriend when she’s my wife.

“She was talking about Pete just before, so it is ridiculous to make a big deal of it. I do get jealous - I’m human - but that moment hasn’t made me insecure in the slightest. I know how strong we are as a couple.”

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Liam Hemsworth’s easy chemistry

Liam Hemsworth claims it was “easy” to develop good chemistry with Miley Cyrus.

The Australian actor embarked on a relationship with his ‘Last Song’ co-star while they were shooting the movie and believes their off-set closeness helped them give a better performance.

He said: “We spent every day together in Georgia. We were on the set together and hanging out together every day. So for me and her, it wasn’t hard to create a good chemistry on screen because we enjoy being around each other in real life. It was just easy.”

In the movie, Miley’s character Ronnie falls in love with Will, played by Liam, and the 20-year-old hunk admits he particularly enjoyed the kissing scenes with the 17-year-old star.

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