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Kourtney Kardashian’s bedtime bond

Kourtney Kardashian bonds with her son at bedtime.

The socialite - who has six-month-old Mason with boyfriend Scott Disick - initially thought letting the tot share her bed was “crazy” but now spends her whole day looking forward to going to sleep next to the infant.

She said: “When I was pregnant, a few of my friends told me that their babies slept in bed with them. I remember thinking how crazy that was. Then I started reading up on it and decided it was something I actually wanted to try.

“I know that having Mason sleep in my bed might be a controversial topic. But I have to be honest, I just love that time. I especially love how when you sleep with your baby, you breathe together on the same pattern.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s lucky home

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t think he would have been an actor if he hadn’t grown up in Los Angeles.

The ‘Inception’ actor - who started appearing in TV shows and commercials aged 13 - insists he was only able to follow his dream because he lived so close to where many major movies are made, making it easier for him to attend auditions.

He said: “My earliest memories were of wanting to be an actor, and ironically I lived in LA but never felt like I could be a part of that club, so it was merely the fact I was in such close proximity to be able to go to auditions after school.

“Certainly I think if we had lived in a different state then we wouldn’t have had the means to be able to go and live in Los Angeles.”

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Religious leader Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson wants to start his own religion.

The ‘Twilight‘ star has a lot of other ambitions away from acting and he is intrigued by the idea of being the head of his own faith.

He told the German edition of Glamour magazine: “I definitely want to record an album, direct a film and start my own religion.”

Robert can think of one major benefit to having his own believers - the lucrative tax breaks given to religions.

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Doctor Who live enemies revealed

Daleks, vampires and Weeping Angels will join The Timelord when ‘Doctor Who Live’ tours the UK.

The iconic TV creatures among 11 different types of monster which take to the stage during the first live production of the sci-fi series, which launches in October.

The live show is based on the popular BBC series which follows the adventures of time traveller The Doctor, and has been developed by ‘Doctor Who‘ Executive Producer Steven Moffat.

As well as the three infamous arch-enemies of the Timelord, he will also have to face Cybermen, Judoon, Silurian, Winders, Scarecrows, Clockwork Droids and Ood.

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Jennifer Hudson opens up about killings

Jennifer Hudson has spoken out about her depression following the brutal murders of her mother, brother and nephew.

The Oscar-winning star lost her mother Darnell Hudson Donerson, 57, brother Jason Hudson, 29, and seven-year-old nephew Julian King in a grisly shooting spree in October 2008.

Admitting the grisly incident was like a “blur”, the 28-year-old star went into seclusion following the family tragedy.

The singer-and-actress revealed to VH1 documentary ‘Behind the Music’, that she was in shock for a long time, saying: “It was like I was outside of myself.”

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Sandra Bullock finalises divorce

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have finalised their divorce.

A spokesperson for the ‘Blind Side’ star - who split from husband Jesse in April following allegations he had cheated on her with a string of women - confirmed the couple signed papers last week to formally put an end to their five-year marriage.

Citing “discord or conflict of personalities” as the reason behind the split, the official divorce allows the Oscar-winning actress to complete her adoption of son Louis as a single parent.

The pair adopted the baby boy from New Orleans shortly before they split amid the avalanche of affair claims, which included tattoo model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee revealing she’d had an 11-month affair with Jesse.

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