Kimberley Walsh sometimes doesn’t speak to her boyfriend for days.

The Girls Aloud beauty - who has been with beau Justin Scott for six years - says she doesn’t feel the need to talk to him on a daily basis if they’re not together.

Talking about touring with the girl group, she said: “You just have to adapt to being back on your own for a bit. I think it’s quite healthy to know how to be on your own. Some people need to speak to their boyfriends three, four, five times a day and we’re just not like that. We literally don’t speak for days, but we will text. If you’re doing the same thing every day, to call for the sake of calling just to say the same things, there seems no point.”

However, Justin admits the distance between them can sometimes make an argument last longer than it normally should.

He said: “Normally you’d be able to work it out and have a chat but when there’s distance involved it lingers longer than it needs to. It becomes bigger than it needs to be.”