Kimberley Walsh is “feeling broody”.

The Girls Aloud star - who has been dating partner Justin Scott for six years - wants to settle down and raise a family with her boyfriend eventually, but isn’t ready to give into her maternal urges at the moment.

She said: “Yeah I am feeling broody, but I am not ready to have that commitment just yet. Eventually I would like to settle down and have children.

“We’re both in the same place and we’re enjoying our lives together at the moment so hopefully it will just naturally come about.”

Kimberley insists she and Justin are content with their relationship and though they are engaged, still have no plans to marry.

She added in an interview with Britain’s Star magazine: “There’s no plans for a wedding just yet, but we are both very happy together.”

The 28-year-old beauty recently admitted she would ideally like to get married before she has children, but her boyfriend is “stubborn”.

She explained: “Justin is stubborn and will only do it when he feels the time is right, not because people tell him he should. Ideally I’d like it to happen before we start a family, but none of it is too far away.”