Peter Andre

39 years old
Date of birth
February 27, 1973

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  • Batesy wrote on September 18, 2009 11:36 Pete, Just keep doing what you’re doing, you have an amazing talent to carry you through and the support of so many people. Keep your dignified attitude and NEVER sink to the levels that your ex is prepared to go to just to keep herself in the public eye cos the truth is she only ever stayed there because she was part of the couple that was Peter and Katie, who had ever RELLY taken much notice before that apart from seedy magazine photographers and the occassional tabloid when they were short of anything interesting to write about, even now the coverage is only because of her split from YOU not actual interest in HER. Keep dignified, keep being the excellent Dad and artist that you are, you’re getting everything right so far on your own.
  • cece wrote on September 15, 2009 04:47 pete your looking well in the magazines at the moment well done, think you were drained you could tell you and katie werent getting on in your tv series in the final filming, youve always manaaged to keep your chilldren smiling i think your a great dad. i think you and katie are both down to earth and genuine, shame it hasnt worked out for you both think in some ways you always felt left behind, i think katie knows what she wants and when she wants something shell get it, shes seems a strong woman with alot of confidence. i guess you knew this when you first met, think you guys just went way to quickly with the marriage thats why it didnt work, you need to go with your heart.
  • Batesy wrote on September 03, 2009 13:07 I soooo hope that the above link is really true and that you are moving on and looking for a new partner, whoever the lucky lady turns out to be, I hope you will both be very happy.Go for it and enjoy the rest of your life without u know who (don’t we all?? as soon as it goes quiet she finds another reason to get herself in the papers, saddo).
  • jojo wrote on September 01, 2009 21:30 go and meet someone wh is secure in themselves,you need some work on you as well, but you will move on.good luck,and dont say any more about miss insecure,rise above it.
  • lindab wrote on August 28, 2009 18:42 YAY….here here…sense at last!!!

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