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Angelina Jolie's mum last wish: Angelina should marry Brad Pitt

fametastic-bot February 01, 2007 20:09
Angelina Jolie’s mother Marcheline Bertrand reportedly wanted Angelina to marry Brad Pitt. Angelina, Brad and Angelina’s brother James Haven were at Marcheline’s bedside when the 56 year old died at the weekend after a six year battle against ovarian cancer. A source told Us Weekly: "Everybody cried. Marcheline told Angelina…
oh dear February 02, 2007 11:28
urgh this is so frustrating. Ok, the first thread i wrote in i stuck up for lina because 3 or more people were ganging up on her. i hate bullies, it was lina that first came up with the idea that people were writing under different names. So now, after someone else points it out to you by the way, you are just totally attacking this girl. Ok none of the other names you have mentioned have stuck up for themselves but it is so very frustrating when you are hell bent on being nasty, and i must say, bullying as bad as you accuse lina of doing. She hasn’t shown her name on here for a while now so just leave it now and get on with writing about the celebs that we love or hate. xx
oh dear February 02, 2007 11:29
thank you angelina fan, i thought i was the only one here with any common sense. its painful!
angelina fan February 02, 2007 11:40
I was just amazed how this Kirsten girl came to appear in every single thread attacking everyone to be Lina while I haven’t seen any Lina posting anything at all, the whole website is just crowded with hate posts from this Kirsten instead.
oh dear February 02, 2007 11:47
i know, thats why i had to say something then was accused myself of being the infamous lina! I am waiting for you to be called lina as well though, bit suprised it hasn’t come already. When you look what the comments are supposed to be on then just read gobble de gook about other bloggers. If you agree or disagree then say, don’t need to make it so personal
oh dear February 02, 2007 12:16
ok so anyway, as the thread was going…
I know celeb relationships rarely last very long, but i am rooting for this one, they go so well together, and have faced so much just for getting together, if their feelings weren’t love then why bother going through all that?
angelina fan February 02, 2007 12:26
I also think that Brad and Angie are meant to be together, I can’t pretend to insure what I’m saying since I don’t know them nor have I ever met them. But they seem to aspire and long for the same things and values in life and love is all about that.
louis February 02, 2007 17:21
Just to let you know I’ll be sending the exact same message to the_girl@fametastic.co.uk. I definately recognise some of names kirsten’s mentioned above. I too have suffered from abusive comments from this particular user. Yes, kirsten’s correct this woman uses various ids in this site. In the past she often called herself Leva. She was extremly rude to many users. Many people have complaint in various forums about this user before. Many times she would employ different identities to gang up on a user she doesn’t like. It’s happened to me. I knew it was the same user but I chose not to participate in further discussions with her. If fametastic would like to know what exactly happened please email me I can guide you to many incidents in the past. You know my email. Please do not hestitate to contact me. I’ll be very glad to tell fametastic exactly what happened. I do hope fametastic’s moderator deals with this user. She certainly discourages other people from using this site.
Heather February 02, 2007 18:04

Ok, we hoped it wouldn’t come to this because we thought it would die down of its own according but from now on, all comments attacking other Fametastic readers will be strictly moderated. :(

Please let’s keep the focus on celebrities and the stories in question and not about attacking each other. Please.



dark faith February 02, 2007 22:54
yes heather you can tell those people i am a differeny person i actually had not posted here for some time because it got very nasty i only use one name and i dont aprecciate being called a lier saying i am different people just because i dont agree with a particular person on the hate for angelina.
oh dear February 03, 2007 14:41
live and let live, angie haters can carry on all they want, it doesn’t seem to affect her so it shouldn’t affect us. I don’t get how people can get so mad at something beyond their control, and that happened in the past, 2 years or so. Brad seems genuinely happy and in love from what i see, and i hope it lasts a long time, and not just to show the angie haters that the woman has feelings!

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